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Jeep + Skoal


Nationwide Ad Campaign

Agency/Post Production


Creative Director

Greg Anderson


Compositing, Matte Painting, Art Direction, Design.

This project was Jeep nation wide advertising campaign in consist of interactive website, digital & prints. I took in charge of the print part of the campaign of magazine and direct mail print ads.

Each background (clouds, trees, puddles, dirts, mountains, sun, light rays etc) is composited and matte-painted from a part of different pictures to make it believe as if it was shot in a real environment.

All Jeep cars are rendered in 3D by 3D artists in layers which I comped them to look realistic in each environment.

Magazine 2-pager

Direct Mail

Tri-Fold Print Ad

1-Page View (Front View)

1-Page View (Front View)

Day time with white Jeep.

3-Page View (Fully Opened)

3-Page View (Fully Opened)

Fully opened revealing off road spec Jeep in different environment with the same golden hour sky.

2-Page View (Front Cover Opened)

2-Page View (Front Cover Opened)

Front cover lifted revealing the golden hour with yellow Jeep.

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